Hey everyone! I post a lot of art here for free pretty regularly, and talk frequently of these ideas I have (and am working on). However, I’ve found recently… things move really slow when you work 4 days a week. Like, really really slow.

Because of this, I decided to start a patreon with the goal of working less on grocery store signs, and allowing more time for cool stuff… like ART! Illustrations, characters, stories, books…you name it! I wanna do it! And you can help!

I will continue to post here for free almost every day, but I hope to produce much more as people support me. I’m going to be writing up schedules this week and making sure my months are filled with rewards for you and progress to show for your patronage. Every dollar counts! 

»To see the tiers and explanation of my patreon, please visit my page!«

And even if you can’t oblige, I’d appreciate if you spread the word! Thank you!

Signal Boost for my friend Milk!!

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Lovely-Milk recently redesigned Lucario, explaining that a Lucario will inevitably destroy half of our Elite Four challenge, I thought, “man, I’d be okay with that if Lucario were, you know, cool”.” 

I’m involved in this Elite Four challenge thing myself and have similar sentiments. Although my favourite teams are partially designed to destroy Lucario, Lucario is historically my least-favourite Pokémon. So I decided to try my hand at redesigning Lucario, too!

I think the number one thing that comes across in this redesign is how little of Lucario’s official design I consider salvageable. I really don’t like much about the original at all. Basically what this is is my alternate universe Lucario. In order to come up with something I liked, I had to discard almost everything about Lucario, strip Lucario down to its most base concepts, and start over. If someone came to me and said, “design a fighting/steel Pokémon based on Anubis with aura manipulation powers”, and I had nothing else to go on, this is what I would come up with.

The spiky metal rings are stylized ankhs, through which Lucario focuses its aura in order to generate its aura spheres. 

I still don’t think this design would be one of my favourite Pokémon. I think it would rise to 5/10, though, out of Lucario’s 0/10. If any of my followers are Lucario haters, your opinion would interest me. Better yet, redesign Lucario yourself; Milk did, I did, Bogleech kind of did—can we make it a meme? That would comfort my soul.

After a picnic in the park the other day, I doodled some monsters on a paper bag with a purple highlighter.

Potion Lotion (CROPPED)
Edible (PRINT)
Champion (CROPPED)
Pool Cueen (CROPPED)



It’s the end of the season, and it’s been another great year, with only some stock leftover from conventions. Prices have been dropped on select items and will remain that way until Sept. 21st, while supplies last. Items include metallic prints, XL prints (limited), and cards. Between now and the next batch of prints/season, some images may be discontinued as new images are made. 

Orders placed this past season included a surprise bonus card of SUMMER PLAY CLONE 2014. As part of the sale, you too will receive this card if your order contains at least one print: 

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Hey hey! My friend Miq is also having an end of season sale! What is this, you’d almost think it was the end of the season or something. But that’s silly. Summer never ends… right?

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Convention season is over now, and we have some prime stock leftover for you to snatch up! Prices have dropped and will remain that way until the 22nd (September), or while supplies last. Items include regular poster prints, super limited♥ metallic prints, and super-sized posters! Some images are even ones I will be discontinuing as products next year, so get them while you can 

All purchases during this time will include a free (random) LOTUS expression card, or a rare card of her newest image for my Electro Girl book! (see last four images of the photoset)

There’s an awesome end-of-season sale taking place at my friend Milk’s store!! You should probably take advantage of it. Doing so will make you smart and sexy.

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9.9-10.2014 Club★Crab original (backwards drawn) comics
 // by Mimi + tuesday-cat

Some comics by Mimi and tuesday-cat featuring some characters of mine!



9.9-10.2014 Club★Crab original (backwards drawn) comics
 // by Mimi + tuesday-cat

Some comics by Mimi and tuesday-cat featuring some characters of mine!

Click the image for full size.

This is a reference image for a bizarre random silly character I came up with at Club Crab one time. There are quite a few comics about various Club Crab members have drawn featuring these characters—I’d like to link to them below, but first, here’s the text from the image:


Brush & Dana are “dragonjoined” twins, born from a dragon mother and a human father. They work in an office together. Dana is the boss in the office, but Brush is a more base-level employee. 
Their dragon-magic power is that their movements generate money—bills, coins, & seashells.
C.L. doesn’t work at the office, but he drops by a lot to chat. He’s a ghost. No one knows what C.L.’s name stands for. He’s kind of an irresponsible young ghost, and doesn’t have consistent work. He brings tea to the office sometimes, though.
Necktie is Brush’s pet snake.


Brush and Co. Comics:

First drawing of Brush and Co., by Atti
Brush and C.L. by Anna
First Brush and Co. comic by Atti, Anna, Haeun, and Miguel
Drawing of Brush and Co. by Haeun
Brush and Co. comic by Atti, Anna, Tamayo, Haeun, and Tony
Brush and Co. “backwards drawn” comic by Anna and Mimi
Another Brush and Co. “backwards drawn” comic by Anna and Mimi


Pages from a comic I made for AppleAtti's birthday.

I’m planning on commissioning Bunny to make regular issues of this, if possible. I’d pay like $10 to $15 for a full booklet of this madness, what about you? Bunny, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about making a Gumroad copy, too. Save posting the full book for a Gumroad copy!!



8.26.2014 Club★Crab original (backwards drawn) comics
 // by appleatti + Jasmin + tuesday-cat

A comic from Club Crab by myself, Jasmin, and tuesday-cat. We drew this backwards (last panel first, 2nd to last panel second, etc.), and each took turns with the panels. On this one, I drew the 1st three panels and the second to last panel. I messed up in the second panel and forgot that the crime had already been identified… causing an inconsistency… but some humour, too. I’m proud of panel 3.

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